The workgroup of RECI

The president: Jaime Lanaspa


The director: Dani de Torres


Dani de Torres

Expert of the Council of Europe for intercultural policies to manage diversity, promoter of the project “Anti-Rumours”  – a pioneer plan to prevent racism, co-founder of the organization Imacity, specialized in the global development of cities.

From 2007 until 2011, he was commissioner for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue of the Barcelona city council, leading the elaboration of the “Barcelona Interculturality Plan” and innovative policies, like the “Barcelona Anti-Rumours Strategy”.

Before he was advisor to the Barcelona mayor’s office and the commission for culture, education and welfare of the city council, as well as consultant for European projects of social cohesion in cities.

He graduated in general economics, with a postgraduate in Interculturality and Education (University of Barcelona) and International and European Studies at Birkbeck College (University of London).

The coordinator: Gemma Pinyol


Gemma Pinyol

Expert of the Council of Europe in the area of the “Intercultural Cities” project, associated researcher with GRITIM-UPF and CIDOB-Barcelona (Centre for International Affairs). Co-founder of Instrategies, a firm specialized in European policies and programs.

She was cabinet director of the secretariat of state for Immigration and Emigration (2010-2012) and before responsible for the Migration Program of CIDOB (2001-2010). She was involved in distinct European projects, like the MIPEX-Migrant Integration Policy Index (MPG, 2006-2008) and the European Task Force on Irregular Migration (IFRI, 2009-2011), and was designated expert in the Committee of Regions.  She is a member of the Independent Network of Labour Migration and Integration Experts (LINET) of the IOM.

She holds a degree in Political Sciences of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a master’s degree in International Studies.

Scientific support: GRITIM of the UPF

The Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration (GRITIM) of Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) elaborates theoretical and applied studies on management of change processes that derive from human mobility and immigration. Its team of researchers is exploring the different dynamics of migration processes with a multidisciplinary focus, making use of conceptual tools and instruments from political, legal, social and economic sciences.

GRITIM’s studies focus on the areas related to political and social agenda, with the intention to contribute to the definition of a European approach in the investigation and management of immigration.

GRITIM is comprised of three fundamental pillars: multidisciplinarity (fostering methodological pluralism), innovation (intending to link the research agenda with the political and social agenda in Europe) and knowledge transfer (promoting the interchange of knowledge between prestigious and young investigators, the society and politics).

The local coordinators

Each city has got an assigned technician who is in charge of coordinating the network population and is participating in the meetings and actions of RECI