Madrid is the capital of Spain and the Community of Madrid. The institutions of the Government of Spain and the Autonomous Government are located in Madrid, as well as a large number of foreign embassies and consulates, international organisations and representative bodies of the EU. It is the third most populated city in Europe with a population of 3.223.334 people in the metropolitan area. Madrid is one of the main destinations in the world for its culture and lifestyle.


In January 2019, the municipality of Madrid has a population of 3.275.195 inhabitants, among whom 462.343 foreigners were counted, that is, 14,12% of its total population. The geographical areas with the highest representation in 2018 are Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asian countries.


Services of social and intercultural coexistence:

The model of intercultural coexistence that shapes the services assigned to the Immigration Department integrates three basic principles:

  • Principle of Universal Attention: this principle implies the commitment to adequately attend to all the people residing in our city, regardless of their nationality or administrative situation.
  • Principle of Active Integration: Active integration implies the full and free incorporation of the immigrant population in the society of Madrid, its inclusion in equal rights, the assumption of duties and responsibilities and the development of the principle of equal opportunities.
  • Principle of Intercultural Coexistence: involves engaging different agents, entities and social institutions to participate as qualified actors in the preparation, execution and monitoring of programmed actions, and also requires the existence of participation mechanisms in which all citizens Madrid is, talk, participate and discuss the common issues that affect them.

The Municipal Information and Guidance Offices for the Integration of the Immigrant Population are a basic instrument, aimed at providing general information about the city, its services and its social resources, as well as instruments that facilitate the social integration of immigrants, contributing to the construction of the Madrid society based on social and intercultural coexistence.